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Chinese Navy Ship Zhenghe berthed at RHP Port

2017-5-3 15:47:42

April 27,2017 is the 30th anniversary of Chinese Navy Ship Zhenghe at service. To promote Zhenghe¡¯s Spirit and deepening cooperation between ship and city and helping one Belt and one Road Initiative and improving relationship between army and the people. Chinese Navy Ship Zhenghe came to Taicang to celebrate the 30th anniversary. RHP was greatly honoured as the co-sponsors of this anniversary. RHP immediately began to prepare the work of fire fighting and security, logistics, reception and others, after receiving the notice.
At 9 a.m, Chinese Navy Ship Zhenghe smoothly berthed at RHP port. The leaders of  Municipal Government, Port Committee , Port office , the military leadership and 200 student delegates raised red flags welcomed her at the Port, The sonorous and forceful Gongs with festival and lively lion dance expressed warm welcome of Taicang People.
During the anniversary, the officers and men from Chinese Navy Ship Zhenghe wound take part in series theme of Educational activities named ¡°carrying forward Zhenghe¡¯s Spirit and complete a grand work of journey across coastal areas and territorial seas¡± and a variety of  Military mutual support activities.
Taicang Runhe Port (RHP) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Rainbow-Cargotec Industries Co., Ltd. (RCI). RHP has a 50000 tons general berth with the length of 361m and wide of 40m, the approach bridge length is 285.6m and the wide is 32m, the design bottom elevation is 14.3m, and the uniform load of port and the approach bridge is 4T/m2, the design load is as twice as much as general cargo port. (The surface design load of general cargo port is 2T/m2, and the design load of RHP is 4T/m2).According to the special status of Taicang Yangtze river coast, the elevation of back land is the same as the port surface, which will meet the shipment requirement of heavy and large cargos.
RHP not only supports for the shipment of RCI products, but also undertakes external loading and unloading of cargos such as large equipment, wind power equipment, steel structure and etc. And it also provides assembly area and warehousing service for the equipments.
The Chinese Navy Ship Zhenghe berthed at RHP Port is an fully approval and recognition to RHP¡¯s overall management level and environment of hardware facility.