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RCI third fishing game successfully concluded

2014-4-12 16:36:06

Recently, RCI organized the third fishing game, more than 20 fishing enthusiasts from various departments participated in the game.

the fishing locationselection was decided in the form of a lottery. With the referee whistle sound, the players holding fishing rod and quickly enter the state, adjusting rod, testing float, Hanging bait, action is crisp. Soon, some players caught fish, attracted a cheer. Players cheer each other, discuss fishing experience , their faces were filled with joy. After four hours of intense competition, Ken Ni of PM won the fishing champion, He Jianguo of MAU runner-up, Wu Nainian of MAU won the third place.

The fishing game not only allows employees to relax in their spare time, increase the fun of life, promote communication and exchange, but also reflects the corporate cultureof positive, optimistic and progressive.