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Our service concept  concerning for customers
Our service concept concerning for customers
¡°Consideration for customers¡± is core idea in Rainbow, and ¡°Satisfying the customers¡¯ needs, exceeding the customers¡¯ expectation¡± isour constant pursuit.
Establishing standardized, normalized and specialized service system and improved service networkhave laid a solid foundation for better customer services, high quality, high efficiency and personalized service philosophy. We will continuously execute the 4S concept (special, standard, shortcut and satisfaction), providing excellent products and services, positively creating values for customers and to bereliable supplier of our customers.

 ▶ "GENMA" service hotline: 86-400-616-5968

 ▶ "Parktec" service hotline: 86-400-008-0798

 ▶ ROC service hotline£º86-513-83603021

 ▶ RCI service hotline£º86-512-33003513